Natoma | Victor Herbert Renaissance Project


“Lara Ryan sang the title role with a creamy soprano full of power at both ends of her wide range.”

Opera News


“The title role taken on this occasion by the top drawer, rich voiced Lara Ryan. Ryan’s mellow mezzo-like tones helped conjure up the image of a brooding Indian maiden bemoaning the lot of her dying race despite her blonde, blue-eyed looks. Her opening number, “From the clouds came my first father” to her final scena were commandingly voiced.”

Forbes on Footlights


“Soprano Lara Ryan¬†has a radiant top and was beautiful when she was angry”

Parterre Box

I tre Compagni | Encompass Opera Theatre


“Lara Ryan gave a poignant, sincere performance as a mother mourning her child’s death”

Opera News

1776 | Utah Festival Opera


“The show’s other couple, Thomas and Martha Jefferson (Kyle Pfortmiller and Lara Ryan) brought wonderful voices to their roles and Ryan lent ¬†needed romantic allure to the show”

Salt Lake Tribune


“Lara Ryan as Martha Jefferson was particularly likable…she has a great voice and a smile as big as Rhode Island. She appears to be having a great time on stage and is endearing to the audience”

Utah Statesman

Concert | Pacific Opera


“Lara Ryan has the voice, musicianship, unusual range, physical beauty, and stage savvy to stand out even in fast company”

Classical Singer Magazine