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Diva PSA


To my Divas and Those who Love Them - a.k.a., Everyone!

Who doesn't love to 1. feel glamorous and 2. feel the satisfaction of scoring a mega bargain? I think these are amongst my top favorite states of being and they somehow balance each other out - both extravagant AND practical.

In this beautiful item below you will find the yin and yang of Diva-centricity. Introducing the Slaycase by Impressions Vanity Company. I can't even with the level of delicious divaness they offer - from selfie lights to stand alone vanities to makeup accessories - just looking at the website makes me feel like I'm living out my fantasy retirement life style in Palm Springs - lounging by my pool in a caftan, sipping mango margaritas. I swoon!

From the outside it looks like an adorable travel valise like I imagine Lana Turner had at her feet when she was discovered at Schwab's Drugstore in Hollywood in 1937. But open it up and you see that it is really an enormous makeup storage case with 4 LED (fully dimmable) Hollywood makeup mirror style lights making you feel like a bona-fide star every day of the week. Best of all, I got this beauty at a significant discount ($100 less than advertised) at Home Goods on Columbus Ave and 97th!

Maybe it's a little heavy to travel with, but this saucy señorita makes up for that minor complaint in spades by allowing me to store all of my makeup in one place (with room for much more - yay!) and by giving me an insta pick-me-up on these dog days of late winter. I'm already contemplating how to sneak one of these in our one-bedroom apartment - not because my husband will complain about the money I spent, but because we'll fight over who gets to use it! Great for Divas AND Divos alike!

Love, Peace, & High Notes!

~ Lara

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